Can You Safely Remove a Tree from a Power Line?

Learn how to safely remove trees from power lines with these tips from American Climbers. Find out what safety guidelines you should follow when pruning or removing trees near power lines.

Can You Safely Remove a Tree from a Power Line?

Power lines are essential for providing electricity to homes and businesses, but they can also be dangerous if not properly maintained. Trees that grow too close to power lines require special removal procedures to ensure the safety of both people and power lines. In New York City, the Edison tree trimming guidelines require a distance of 6 feet below and on the sides of a power line, and 10 feet above. Sick or overgrown trees can damage power lines and cause power outages, so it is important to identify the two types of power lines used and follow the guidelines for planting and maintaining vegetation accordingly.

Pruning trees during the winter is recommended since it is the low season and you will get much cheaper deals than during the high season. If the tree is in your soil and endangers the lines, then it is your responsibility to prune or remove it.

Tree removal

companies such as American Climbers are specially trained to protect both people and power lines. To remove a tree with a crane, a climber normally enters the tree to tie a cable that will connect the tree trunk or branch to the crane ball.

Homeowners are responsible for pruning tree branches near the outage of their individual home's low voltage service. Remember that because of the hazardous nature of the work involved, removing any tree near a power line can take much longer than removing other trees. It is always recommended that you do not attempt to cut branches that touch the power line as you will be at risk of electric shock. To ensure reliable service, utility companies have extensive tree pruning and removal programs, but you may also be responsible for maintaining vegetation near your property's power lines.

Since branches can conduct electricity, it is important to look for other companies that specialize in pruning trees and compare their prices before hiring a tree trimmer. On the day of the move, PSEG contractors on Long Island will remove the part of the tree that is inside the danger zone, allowing the customer's private contractor to remove the rest of the tree and debris. Utility companies can access power lines at their facilities without your consent, so in some cities they may simply come in and cut them off. It takes a little time and forethought to remove these trees, since your tree removal company may have to work with the utility company to organize the power cut. To ensure reliable service and protect both people and power lines, it is important to follow safety guidelines when removing trees from power lines. Prune trees during winter for cheaper deals, look for certified tree trimmers, and never attempt to cut branches that touch power lines.

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