Does Pruning Trees Encourage Growth?

Learn how pruning trees can stimulate growth and help your plants reach their full potential. Find out why it's important to use a sharp and clean tool when pruning.

Does Pruning Trees Encourage Growth?

Tree pruning is a great way to encourage growth. When you remove branches that are unhealthy or not aesthetically pleasing, your tree can focus its resources on other parts of the plant. Pruning stimulates growth if done correctly, as it activates growth hormones located in small nodules along each plant structure. If you prune directly above these nodules with a sharp and clean tool, the hormones will be triggered to repair or regrow the plant tissue.

Young trees that have not been pruned for several years may require intensive pruning to remove larger branches and prevent them from becoming deformed. It's better to let a tree or shrub grow naturally than to prune without understanding how the plant will respond.

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