Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps Immediately

Tree stumps may seem harmless but they can be a safety hazard and cause pests when they rot. Learn why you should remove them immediately.

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps Immediately

Tree stumps may seem harmless, but they can be a safety hazard and cause pests when they rot. They can also damage your lawnmower and make it difficult to realize your garden plans. It is recommended to remove them immediately to prevent the spread of infection and other problems. Yes, aesthetically speaking, tree stumps in your garden are a total monstrosity.

They make your garden look neglected and can be dangerous to children who love to run around the yard. In addition, having tree stumps around the yard can be a total hassle when it comes to weeding and mowing lawns for obvious reasons. Experts believe that it should be removed as soon as possible. An old tree stump may not cause any problems at first, but the longer you stay, the more problems you can face.

It can be dangerous for you and your family members, damage your lawnmower, and become an obstacle when mowing grass. The stumps start to decompose immediately, but the overall process is slow. Unfortunately, this slow decay attracts insects and other pests such as termites and carpenter ants. If there are holes large enough, other creatures like squirrels and raccoons can take refuge in the remnants and help themselves with whatever vegetation you're trying to cultivate. If you don't have the budget for removing trees and stumps, you'll want to remove the stump as soon as possible after felling the tree to avoid damaging the lawn and house.

Homemade methods of removing tree stumps with chemicals can last for months and it can be very dangerous to handle toxic chemicals on your own. Burning a tree stump helps weaken it so it's easier to remove, but it takes longer than grinding it. A professional tree service such as Red's will be able to diagnose and execute the best extraction method based on the type, size, age and health status of your stump. Dead trees reported in streets, parks, playgrounds, or other public spaces will be inspected and, if appropriate, removed. To report a dead tree, call 311 or use our tree service request system. As part of NYC Park's new tree risk management program, work is prioritized to address higher-risk conditions first.

If a stump is not shown on this map, it is not expected to be removed during the next fiscal year. In conclusion, removing tree stumps is a very difficult task because you are fighting a deep root system. Hiring a professional stump removal service is your best option.

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