The Difference Between Pruning and Cutting Back Explained

Learn about the difference between pruning and cutting back trees and shrubs in your garden. Understand when to use each service for better aesthetics and healthier landscape.

The Difference Between Pruning and Cutting Back Explained

When it comes to taking care of your garden, you may have heard of pruning and cutting back. But what is the difference between the two? Pruning is used to remove dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from a plant. Trimming, on the other hand, is done to cut down plants that have grown too large. Both services are performed at different times of the year and with different equipment to promote healthy growth and better aesthetics.

Tree pruning is done to shape plants according to a certain design. Gardeners often talk about “trimming” hedges, which means trimming the hedge to give it a certain shape, such as a box or mound. This process improves the beauty of the plant and promotes healthy growth. Homeowners or property owners who want to reduce the size of the trees on their property can contact a professional tree felling service or an arbologist who will know how to properly cut the branches of a tree so that the tree can shrink in size and stay healthy.

Pruning is the technique used to make cuts in one stem at a time, with the intention of combating diseases, controlling growth and stimulating the production of fruits or flowers. A well-trimmed hedge increases the attractiveness of your garden. If you want a shrub to grow towards your house, for example, you must make a cut just above a bud that is already facing your house. Trimming cuts several elements at once and, although it must be well brushed and precise, it is used to maintain shape, size and appearance.

Hand scissors are small-sized scissors that can be used with one hand to cut small branches, twigs, and foliage. TreeNewal offers tree services of all types and specializes in trees. Understanding the difference between pruning and trimming is crucial for homeowners who take care of their gardens. Service becomes essential if you have a huge overgrown tree that needs to be cut down or if your garden is devastated by a storm.

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